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Do you occasionally use public transport in Prague and Central Bohemia? You no longer have to buy an SMS ticket; our new mobile app will find the fastest route with the cheapest fare, valid for up to 3 days. You can use the app for all transportation means. Register today, keep your account securely under control and enjoy the numerous benefits the app offers.

All the benefits in your mobile phone

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  • Find the fastest connection and best fare for your route
  • Map display of the route including navigation to the stop
  • Easy ticket purchases using your mobile phone
  • Valid for Prague Integrated Transport in Prague and Central Bohemia
  • Valid for all transportation means
  • Track the validity of your ticket, notifications about validity end
  • Sending of tickets to family or friends
  • Overview of current departures from the stop
  • Overview of currently vacant P+R spaces and parking zones
  • Option of purchasing up to 10 tickets at once
  • Information about outages and incidents in transport based on current data

Detailed information

  • How do I buy a ticket in the mobile app?
  • You can choose a specific ticket in the app directly in the “Tickets” section, or purchase the recommended ticket for the desired connection. In both cases, you pay for the ticket using your payment card. You must first activate the ticket for it to be valid for transportation (and inspection).

  • How do I validate the ticket?
  • You can validate the ticket at any time after purchase and thus mark the start of its validity (immediately after purchase or later). Internet connection is required to purchase and activate the ticket. Inspection takes place offline, without connection.

    The ticket is invalid for the first 2 minutes after activation for control by the ticket checker or conductor. We do not want to ease the “last-minute” purchase of tickets for stowaways when they spot the ticket checker. However, on commuter buses with entry via the front door, this ticket is valid for the first 2 minutes - the bus driver will check if you have a valid ticket when boarding the bus. You don’t need to miss the bus (details in the tariff and contractual transportation conditions of PID).

    From the 3.2 version it is possible to activate the ticket beforehand for specific time (eg. based on searched connection). The ticket will then automatically activate at that time and you already don't have to stay online or care about the activation.

  • Where is the ticket valid?
  • The tickets are valid on all PID lines including trains and commuter buses. The only exception are 15-minute tickets, which are not valid on trains - however, the app will always notify you when purchasing these tickets.

  • What should I do if I have problems with the ticket?
  • Tickets can be claimed and problems reported. Contact the info line at If the ticket was unrightfully rejected, your money will be refunded. It is best to send information about the ticket, account, potentially the connection and time, and if you were obliged to buy a substitute ticket (paper), then a scan or copy thereof - we will thus be able to find the required information, including e.g. the specific driver.

  • What if my phone runs out of battery?
  • It is the responsibility of the traveler if they are unable to present a valid ticket - in this case, successful ticket inspection is not guaranteed (details in the general terms and conditions).

  • Does the app include long-term season tickets?
  • No, this function is planned in the near future (in combination with the new PID Lítačka e-shop). However, the due verification of functionality and adequate system security on short-term tickets and the equipping of all the inspection devices for reading QR codes or NFC must be conducted first.

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